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outdoor lighting

Make your outdoor space welcoming for you and your guests. With a thoughtful design lighting can be easily added to your existing landscape design. Too much light will overwhelm the space and too little will leave things feeling sparse and uninviting. A well designed mix of lights is practical providing practical illumination for steps and walkways and soft background illumination trees and landscape plants to provide ambience and depth to your spaces.

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made to last

The quality of outdoor fixtures and connections make the difference between a system that is a frustrating headache and one that provides you with years of reliable enjoyment. All of our products are made of high quality, heavy duty sealed metal fixtures and led lamps that are made to endure the elements and landscapers without constant maintenance. The electrical connections are waterproof sealed. We do recommend a pre-season maintenance for all systems to clean off fixtures, and re-align light as growth in the garden may have changed over time.

If you have an existing installation , we can service and upgrade certain elements. You can also easily add wireless control so it is accessible from a smart home app and can be managed automatically based on the changing sunset times throughout the year. With the addition of a driveway sensor the property will automatically be fully illuminated the moment your your guests enter the driveway- welcoming you home. And with led tech and automatic timed shutoff, the system is tuned to be very energy efficient.

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