Add a layer of protection to your security system with privacy shades. They allow a certain amount of light to enter, keeping your home bright, but block people see inside. Easily controllable from an app on your phone, in case you aren’t in the house.

Light Blocking (or FIltering)

Light Blocking (or FIltering)

Screen Innovations shades come in a variety of different fabrics. Some with the function of filtering different lights. You can keep your home bright but filter out UV light to protect your interior. Or you can completely block the external lights for when you want a day to sleep in.

Light Blocking (or FIltering)


ENergy Efficiency

Keep your house cool during the day with the ability of these shades to reduced the greenhouse affect. Automated presets allow you to set the optimized times to raise and lower your shades. So you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re out on a trip or just taking a staycation.