We are dedicated to helping bring music into your life. Each of us has our own favorite music and our favorite way to access music. And in each home there are probably a few different opinions on what to play and how to play it.

We have found the the easier it is to access the more music is played and adds to our everyday life. The way we access music now is profoundly different than a few years ago. Streaming has given us access to vast libraries of music. Often the portable ease of use has come hand in hand with lower quality and lower standards. That may be ok for the washroom but we strive to provide and restore quality to the listening experience. Part of that is the speaker , part is the electronic source equipment and part is the acoustical treatment of the room. The systems available to us now mean that we don't have to sacrifice the aesthetic of our home or design details in order to appreciate amazing sound.


What is high resolution audio?

 Music that eliminates all the barriers between you and original texture and timbre of the music. Listen as the artist truly intended. The highest quality of music reproduction allows all the original detail to come through providing the ultimate immersion in the art. 


The speakers