Established: 1996

Helping simplify routines since 1996…

Helping simplify routines since 1996…

Acoustic Visions started with a love of technology. ‘Installing peace of mind’ was our goal. User friendly home alarm systems, What could be better than a totally protected home? Enter, the home theater. Why head out to the movie theater, sit in seats that make you itch, and have to deal with the loud-talker right behind you? Let’s not even mention the endless previews… So custom lighting, movie screens, surround sound, and HD projectors were the answer. Oh and don’t forget the fully reclining leather theater chairs. The childhood of Acoustic Visions.

Technology has proved to be a rapidly changing world. So we had to keep up with the changing times. The smart home movement was gaining ground quickly. Brands such as Control4 were advertising the remote that controlled everything. Lighting? TV? Sound System? Inside? Outside? One Remote. Light switches with presets. Turn off all the lights in the room with one button. It was the stuff of the future.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve got you controlling your entire home from your phone. Cameras, music, entertainment, lighting, and alarm system, and thermostat.

We configure solutions that are easy to use and specific to you.