How we are working during COVID19

We are working within the restrictions set by NY State and following recommended practices of the CDC to prevent transmission while working. 

We are fully ready to provide remote support by phone, video calls, and email. Many of our systems give us the ability to link-in, check, adjust settings, and remotely reboot certain devices.

As of today, network and security related services are considered essential. Certain aspects of your smart home system like lighting and temperature control would also come into this category. We are providing onsite service for these types of systems when necessary. Whenever possible we prepare equipment and do diagnostics in advance of an on-site visit to make things as efficient and brief as possible.

We understand that many issues our clients are experiencing are related to internet service. With the main ISP provider Optimum at full capacity this can affect your experience. At this most fundamental level we can do nothing to improve the internet service that is provided.

We can hep you to improve your internal network equipment. When multiple people are trying to share the network simultaneously things can slow down. Network and wifi equipment that may have served you with no problem (even with multiple people at home in the summertime) is now experiencing extra strain. Phone calls, video conferencing , remote school , movie streaming, and normal network browsing are all happening simultaneously. Newer wifi and router technology can connect and transmit to multiple devices simultaneously. It may be advisable to update some of the older network equipment you have to this newer technology. If you think that you can benefit from a technology upgrade, let us know and we will analyze what you have and determine what options would work best for your needs.

If remote support isn't enough and you do need an on-site visit  - we respectfully ask that you limit who and how many people are near our technician. A service visit from one of our technicians could be a good time to go for a walk. We also ask that you maintain the recommended social distance - if it feels weird- then we are doing it right.  Take a look at our specific instructions here.

We look forward to helping you get through this situation and building more robust solutions that will continue to meet your technology needs after this is over.

Thanks for being a great client

Stay healthy and safe.