How do I test wifi and internet speed?

If you feel like your wifi or internet performance is lagging. The first thing to do is test it.

Use the website from a web browser. If you are on your phone or tablet they make an app which allows you to do a test. Go to all the locations in your house that you normally use or need to use the internet. Write down the results. You should find that the location closest to your internet equipment will have a speed thats pretty close to what you pay for in your plan. If that's not the case then there may be a problem with the equipment or something in your network may be bringing the speed down.

Most of the newer networks we install have the ability for us to do some diagnostics on your local network from our office. We can see the speed that is coming in from your modem and also check the capabilities of your equipment. 

If you do have good speed in certain areas but not others then you can look at connecting a wireless access point close to the slower area to provide coverage where you have a gap. It's important that the new equipment is compatible with what you already have so the multiple access points can function together as a unified network. If possible a wire should connect the wireless access point back to the main router. This allows for the fastest communication from your device back to the internet connection. 

Some of our clients have decided to add repeaters to their system. These simple plug-in devices are meant to repeat a wifi signal so you have a better signal. In practice these devices generally don't work and can cause interference and actually slow speeds down. There are repeaters that we can use and integrate for very specific purposes. If configured correctly they can serve to connect a single device effectively where it is impractical to bring a wire.

There are also mesh networking wireless systems. These systems have extra wireless equipment that is uses to make a connection with source equipment instead of using a wire. These newer products work well. Eero is the brand we have had most success with. If possible, we prefer to connect these devices back to the main router with a wire for improved performance. 

There can be devices in your network that can cause internet to slow down. One device may be malfunctioning , but because everything is connected that one bad device can slow everything down. Disconnecting all your network equipment except the router allows you to test the speed directly and determine if this is an issue.

The wifi equipment you are using may also have limitations. If your equipment is a year, or more, old then it may not have the capacity to handle a newer high speed network. It may be only in the 2.4 frequency range which has limited capacity.