How do I get support for internet Cablevision Optimum Altice in the Hamptons ?

First it's important to note that the Cablevision now Altice Internet Optimum service is extremely strained with more client than ever at home simultaneously trying to use the internet for work, school, and entertainment. 

To get through on phone or chat you will have to wait.

Here are from tips to get through and to make the experience go better. 

If you haven't already do some basic checks in advance like rebooting the power to the modem and router. Then go to or use their app to check the internet speed. Plugged in to the modem or router is best. Take a look at this article from some more info.

To communicate with someone online or check for a service outage - Go to this website:

To check if there is a service problem in the area you will need to be logged into your account  (presumably from another location or your cell phone ) and then select Support 

service statusIf that's not the issue and maybe you just have very slow service then you will want to start a chat.

The first chat will start connecting you to a Virtual rep. You want to skip this and get to an actual person- so type "representative". You will then need to wait for a person to come online in the chat - this could take a while.

Be ready with the following information: Name, Telephone #, service address, having your account number may also be helpful. Basically what they are trying to confirm online is the you are able to reboot the modem. Then they will ask you if there was any improvement. And to plug a computer directly into the modem to test the performance. You may even want to kick off the chat by letting them know you have already rebooted the equipment  and checked the speed 2

If you have something to plug in great, if you don't then just tell them that and do the speed test with a wireless device like a phone or tablet. (Most of our clients do not have a wireless router from Cablevision because they are not very good and we have installed something that provides better performance) If the issue is persisting and it seems likely that the problem is the incoming service or modem then try to get a service appointment scheduled asap. 

They are only responsible for performance up to the modem and sometimes the issue is the router or wifi equipment in your house. They will try to push blame for any performance to this part of the system to avoid having to do service to their modem or outside lines whenever possible. They will charge if they come to the house and find that then issue is not outside or in their modem so be ready to agree that they can charge you $80 if that is the case. 

Unfortunately for most of our clients on eastern Long Island and the Hamptons or North Fork area there is no alternative to the Cablevision - Altice - Optimum service. Verizon fios service hasn't made it out yet. When this service does become available we recommend subscribing to both so you can combine speeds and have a backup since it is likely they won't both go down at the same time. 

The issue we have been commonly seeing with the system so saturated is the upload speed being very low. The download speeds have been maintained relatively well.