I have some outside speakers. Can I make them work with Sonos or Control4 through an app?

Yes if...
Your speakers are currently working then we should be able to implement the Sonos or Control4 solution with them. This would allow you to control them with an app.

One important factor to keep in mind is that the app uses Wi-Fi. While it is true that your speakers are connected to equipment inside the house you want to make sure that you have good control outside the house. This means possibly extending your Wi-Fi signal outside and making sure that it’s connected to the same network that the equipment is using.


If you haven’t used your speaker equipment in a while then it’s best to do a review of this system before starting any other work. You would want to do a test of the speakers and the wiring to make sure everything is in good condition.

If you are replacing outside speakers keep in mind that as long as you have them regularly serviced by us, we guarantee them for life. This means that if there’s a problem with your outside speakers we will have a replacement on hand or delivered within a couple days to make sure that your system continues to run properly. A rock style outdoor speaker with an 8” built-in subwoofer is about $450.


One of the most important considerations for outside equipment is your confidence level. When we put technology outside it’s subject to the elements year round. The cold and damp environment means we might have some more failures with outside equipment than we would with equipment that’s safely protected inside the house. Oftentimes some maintenance is required each season for speaker equipment. This might include refreshing the wiring connections to make sure they are clean and all the components are working properly.


We install high-quality equipment so we have the confidence to say that if you buy the speakers from us and you have us regularly maintaining them each season - We will stand by your outdoor speakers for life.