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indoor nano shades- New!

The new Screen Innovations series of Nano screens represent the next revolution in shades. With attention to the tiniest details and attention to build quality and individual seating of each shade you can be sure that you have the best quality product that will give you years of enjoyment.

What is the advantage to a motorized shade? Natural light can be automatically managed to maintain a comfortable light level and temperature in the room, shades can also provide protection from the harmful effects of UV rays that fade fabrics and damage artwork. And at night shades provide privacy and room darkening for the best sleep. All of this becomes part of the house normal function and can happen automatically or you can easily control from a wall button just like a light switch. Create scenes like , Wake-Up, Goodnight and Movie to maximize the investment in your shades.

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Outdoor zen shades

Why outdoor shades? Managing the sun that enters a space allows you to make your outdoor deck or patio area comfortable whoever you want to use it. There are two types of system , one that is set to a call which allows some air to flow past and another with a track system which can provide protection from insects and allow you to maintain the temperature. This means with the addition of a small heat source like a fire pit you can transform this area for use year round well instead of just when elements permit.