Your connected home



View cameras, open or close the garage, unlock the front door, even turn the lights on or off.  Receive active notifications that are personalized and important to you. With Home Connect, you can connect to your system while you’re away and control and manage all of your system’s features. At it's core It’s peace of mind.

Voice Access

With Control4 and Amazon Alexa, now you can tell your house what to do—whether it’s turning off all lights when it’s bed time, setting the perfect mood for dinner, or asking for a helping hand when yours are full.


"Alexa, set the house to goodnight mode"




Know when important events happen at your home. With remote monitoring services the  operation of key aspects of your home network can be monitored. For example if the internet is out you can be notified so service can be restored before you arrive. And other important information about security and safety systems are monitored to make sure everything is communicating the way you expect it to.